Young women in the Arab world are responding to the gospel!

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July 6, 2019
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August 31, 2019

Young women in the Arab world are responding to the gospel!

One of the aims of Miracle Connect’s online outreach is to help women in the MENA region see themselves as God sees them, to receive inner healing, and to find their true value and the purpose for which God created them.

In the Arab world, women often have a distorted image about themselves and God. The 22 Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa rank among the lowest in the world on gender equality.

During the past six months, Miracle Connect has heard from tens of thousands of women in this region after launching a massive online outreach under the name Radio Miracle. By targeting women between 25-30 years of age, Miracle Connect discovered that there are thousands of young women actively looking for hope and restoration.

We share the love of Christ through internet radio, short online videos, and social media posts, encouraging women to engage with us. Right now, we have around 50,000 active subscribers, who receive new posts from us almost every day. From January to June, nearly 15,000 women sent us personal messages and we have responded with over 47,000 personal messages to these women who are searching for hope, love and identity. The majority of the women who contact us are in Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iraq.

A number of these young Arab women have already accepted Jesus and are now on a discipleship journey with us!

Meet three of these women that you are reaching through Miracle Connect:

From Libya:

After my fiancée broke off our engagement of four years, I had a rough time. I felt desperate, and kept asking, why did this happen to me? But after I got in contact with you, I understood that God did not create us to live a brokenhearted life. He has a purpose for us even when our plans don’t work out. I learned that He loves me and I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. Now I have peace inside of me and I have hope.

From the United Arab Emirates:

I was scared and did not feel safe to face God on judgment day. I was taught that no matter how much good I do, I can never know how God will judge me in the end. But when I contacted you, I understood that God loves me and that I am important to him and that he knows me by my name. I am learning what it means to have a relationship with Him both as God and a father, and that he is someone that I can trust. I have never had such a person in my life before. It has completely changed my life.

From Algeria:

I used to hate my life. I hated being a woman. I had been hurt so many times by the men in my life. I did not enjoy my life, and I did not have any hope. When I talked to your counselor, I understood that God loves me. Now I know that Jesus, who was also a man, died for me because He loved me so much! And I know that God is my father and wants me to be his daughter. Now I have a reason to live!

Women in the Arab region are crying out for the help that God has promised us, but they don’t know how to reach Him. Will you be one of His servants,

 to let these vulnerable women know that God loves them and wants to help them? You can do this with your donation to Miracle Connect today. Your help and prayers will assure that even more women in this region will find hope and purpose in Christ. Thank you for joining with us to share Christ to women in the Arab world!


Every day viewers contact us with questions about Jesus and the Bible.
By supporting us with a donation today, you are bringing the gospel to this region.

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