Significant Impact & Strategies

Miracle Connect is an Arabic media ministry compelled to communicate the story of Christ

Significant Impact

Miracle Channel is always striving to impact our viewers through our faith based programs. Through respect and building bridges of friendship across cultures we are gaining the trust of viewers all across the Arabic speaking community in North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf countries. We have successfully pioneered a new type of Arabic talk show that provides an opportunity to discuss areas of great challenge in the Middle Eastern and North African culture while interacting with our audience. Specific topics covered include domestic violence, women’s rights and value, disciplining children and sexual abuse. The program selection on the channel also includes dramas, Bible studies and training in practical life skills – such as raising a family, financial advice or marriage counseling.

Strategic Opportunity

There are still 2.9 billion people in the world that have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the largest unreached people groups is the Arabic speaking community. More than 350 million Arabic speaking peoples live in restricted nations where traditional methods of spreading the gospel are both illegal and impossible. Miracle Connect was launched in 1997 as a direct response to this challenge. We strongly believe that media and technology in conjunction with local believers can open the door for the gospel to the Arabic speaking world, particularly in restricted nations. During the last decade we have seen hundreds of thousands respond to the gospel through this ministry