Self-loathing to salvation

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December 31, 2020
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February 14, 2021

Self-loathing to salvation

We hope you have been keeping safe and well as we all continue to live through these uncertain times.

Last year our supporters made it possible for us to launch 7 home church groups, disciple 333 people, and counsel 59,240 individuals. For this we praise God!

Young people in the Middle East and North Africa face all sorts of challenges, living in societies that are rapidly changing while strict traditions and values are still widely observed. Here is an example of what can happen…

Imene*, age 29, is an Algerian woman who made contact with our team back in December. She was suffering with feelings of depression and self-loathing because of a choice she made in her teens.

At 17, Imene had sought ‘love and fulfilment’ through physical relationships, which resulted in the loss of her virginity. With her reputation ruined, she was unable to find a husband, which brought her much shame.

Guilt and regret

Imene felt undeserving and hated herself, living with constant guilt and regret:

I couldn’t see that God loved me. If God loved me, surely He would not have let me suffer like this.

I used to see Him as a narcissist who enjoyed tormenting us. I wanted to change my reality and find freedom. I blamed myself every day.

The real God

Soon after connecting with our follow up team, Imene learned about God’s real nature:

I learned that God is not who I thought He was. He is not the cause of my painthat is the mistake I made.

I heard about God’s love and redemption. I accepted Him and invited Him to enter my heart and forgive me. I now have great joy and am following Miracle Connect’s discipleship program.   

Making an impact

Receiving good discipleship—one of Miracle Connect’s key priorities for 2021—will ensure that Imene has deep and firm roots in Christ. It will help prepare her for sharing her new faith with a sibling, parent, or friend. It may well also prepare her to lead a small group of believers.

Building up lives

The support Miracle Connect receives goes toward building up people’s lives in Jesus’ name. This kind of transformation will result in the growth of the church.

Please consider making a donation today to help change lives for the glory of God.

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* Name changed to protect identity

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