More Reasons to be Thankful

Abounding in Thanksgiving
November 20, 2019
Great Joy for All the People
December 19, 2019

More Reasons to be Thankful

This month, we’ve been abounding in thanksgiving (see Colossians 2:7, ESV).

We want to share some of the things we’re thankful for as a team, beginning with a wonderful testimony of healing.

Our Own Miracle

M, who is a member of our follow up team, was recently diagnosed with kidney failure: a serious, life-threatening condition. He needed an operation, but even with surgery his prognosis didn’t look good.

As a team, we prayed for M, knowing our Father could bring healing if He chose to. A miracle then happened: M began getting stronger!

M returned to the doctors, who were amazed and unable to explain what had happened. M no longer needed an operation and was released from their care. He continues to recover and is even back at work!

Join us in praising God for this wonderful answer to prayer.

More Reasons to be Thankful

In 2019 we also thank God for:

  • His protection over our teams
  • The privilege of communicating the Gospel to over 7,000 people each month
  • Team unity and an increase in our dependence on Him
  • The encouragement, generous giving, and prayers of our friends and partners

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