Mental Health Struggles

He Accepts Me for Who I Am
October 9, 2020
Love Wins Hearts
November 5, 2020

Mental Health Struggles

In Arab culture, honor is hugely important, so it can be really difficult to share your thoughts and feelings when they may not be understood. This fear of shame and rejection leads many to hide their true selves, and increases the likelihood of people experiencing depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts.

Many are crying out to be loved and accepted. Jesus longs for them to come to Him and find true peace.

A Different Man

I have become a different man because of what God did for me. It is a miracle I am at complete peace and my heart is at ease, despite the pressures and problems that I suffer.

(Belal*, North Africa)

Making This Possible

We’re so grateful to our supporters, who make it possible for Miracle Connect to continue. Prayers are really important, as well as funds to invest in our productions and running costs.

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