Love Wins Hearts

Psykiske helseutfordringer
October 22, 2020
Kjærlighet vinner hjerter
November 5, 2020

Love Wins Hearts

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As Yasmine* watched one of our recent Facebook Live¹ programs, she became outraged.

The presenter was explaining the meaning of the crucifixion. As someone who follows the majority faith of the Arab world region, Yasmine was incredibly hostile to the message being shared.

‘How can Christians worship three gods?’ she asked, calling us liars and insulting our beliefs.

While the program continued, Sarah* replied to Yasmine’s comments. Sarah is a long-standing member of our follow-up team, so she has become accustomed to this kind of response. Her own response was to love, just as Christ would.

‘My Sister’

Sarah told Yasmine how happy she was to be in touch with her, how much she valued her thoughts. She called Yasmine her ‘sister’, since—she said—they both shared a love for God.

Her loving and welcoming comments completely transformed Yasmine’s language and posture. ‘Your words are beautiful,’ she remarked.

Yasmine stayed for the whole hour, watching and listening while asking lots of questions. When the live stream ended, her conversation with Sarah continued privately.

She continues to be in touch with our team and we are helping her to understand more about Christianity. Pray with us, that she will soon know in her heart that Jesus is the only way.


Please consider giving $20 or more to support the work we’re doing

in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Miracle Connect on Facebook

With over 2.5 billion² active users, Facebook is a critical part of Miracle Connect’s ministry, helping us reach more people than ever before.

We currently have five Facebook pages and engage with 500,000 people a month. Praise God for each person He is drawing to Himself.

Each and Every Opportunity

We thank God for each and every opportunity He provides in sharing the Gospel with those who live in the Middle East and North Africa.

We thank Him for the 118,000 people who’ve been in personal contact with our follow-up team; the 48,000 who’ve received one-to-one counselling; the 301 who’ve received online discipleship; and for the 191 who’ve professed faith in Christ.


We need your partnership to continue. Will you join with us today, by praying and by making a donation?


* Names changed to protect identities
¹ Facebook Live enables users and pages to stream in real time while interacting with viewers through likes and comments
², figures from July, 2020

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