Life in its Fullest

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March 26, 2020
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April 17, 2020

Life in its Fullest

In John 10, Jesus says, ‘I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.’ (v10, CEV)

Jesus offers this life of fullness to any and all who trust in Him. When our roots in Him go deep, we’re like trees planted by water, who do not fear the heat and continue to produce fruit, even in a year of drought (see Jeremiah 17:7-8).

At Miracle Connect, it’s our prayer that those we minister to get to experience ‘life in its fullest’.

We’re working hard to make this happen by investing our time and energy into people’s lives.


I am so terrified for my children, grandchildren, siblings, and everyone else I know. I am very concerned about them – especially as they all live far away and I cannot take care of them.

What should I do? All day long I pray for them, but I am still afraid…

 (Munya*, Egypt)



A Relationship with God

The majority of our audience believe in God, but have no personal relationship with Him. They think He is distant and unknowable, and have no assurance that He cares for them or takes any interest in their lives.

Our programs bring hope directly into people’s homes. We actively encourage our audience to get in touch and talk with us. We’re not here to push our faith on them, but the love and care we give naturally opens doors for deeper conversations.


Standing Together

Right now, Arab families need to know that God cares – and we’ll be taking every opportunity to show them. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will give our team members wise words as they respond to people’s concerns.

Please also consider making a financial contribution so more people can have life in its fullest.

Let’s stand together and pray that this virus will be stopped in its tracks. It came to kill and destroy, but Jesus has overcome.

All of us at Miracle Connect want to wish you, our brothers and sisters, a very joyful Easter.


* Name changed to protect identity

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