He Is Before All Things

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March 14, 2020
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March 26, 2020

He Is Before All Things

We want you to know that during this time of global upheaval, we’re praying for you, our dear brothers and sisters in Christ. May you know God’s peace at a time when there is much fear and uncertainty. Remember, ‘he is before all things, and in him all things hold together’ (Col 1:17, ESV). Our God does not fear the future, so neither should we!

Miracle Connect’s team continues to operate: sharing the hope we have in Christ and helping people to make good life decisions. However, in addition to the challenges brought by the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve faced an unprecedented event.

The Storm

Last week, a severe storm hit parts of the Middle East. Some say it was the worst storm in nearly 40 years.

The storm brought torrential rain, high winds, and dust. Lightning and floods caused traffic jams, brought buildings down, and sadly led to a number of deaths.

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We all gathered during the storm to rescue the equipment and move it to a safe place. We worked hard to sweep away the flood waters while it continued to rain.

In all of this, we are so thankful for each other. The situation revealed our oneness, love for one another, and the feeling of ownership we each have for our mission and calling.

Team member


The Damage

Unfortunately, Miracle Connect’s audio production studio was severely damaged by storm flooding. It will take some time to get everything back to working order, but we are temporarily using other facilities.


Pray for Us

While we are thankful we were able to move and save the equipment, repairs to the building will be costly.

During this difficult time, will you please lift our team before the Throne of Grace?


Pray that:

  • The Lord will support us, granting us wisdom in every step we take and providing the help we need to get back on our feet.
  • The enemy will not use this event to distract us from the work we’re doing and the opportunities we have to speak life into people’s hearts.
  • Our team will be strengthened and encouraged to keep pointing people to Jesus, the Mighty One who calms the storm.

Pray, too, for more people like Basma*, who writes:

I was lost until you talked to me about Christ. Now I understand that Jesus died for my sins on the cross. I want to tell you that I accept what Jesus did for me. Now I am saved, and my heart is filled with joy. He is my Father, and I am His child.

Partner with Us

We cannot do what we do without your generous gifts. We now face the added challenge of repairing our audio production studio. Please partner with us by praying and sending financial support as God leads you.

We are grateful to be trusting God with you, and we rejoice that this difficult time will bring God great glory all over the earth!

*Name changed to protect identity

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