Following up on Ramadan

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May 18, 2020
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June 29, 2020

Following up on Ramadan

During Ramadan – as people choose to spend more time with their families – we would normally expect our follow up work to quieten down. Imagine, therefore, our surprise to receive thousands more comments and messages than in previous months of the year.

More significantly, we were able to share the Gospel, one-on-one, with 1,692 individuals – a rise from a monthly average of 207!

The Holy Spirit seems to have been doing something new and wonderful this Ramadan. One of our ministry leaders describes it as being ‘like an earthquake.’ Let’s give thanks, while lifting up these 1,692 men and women, many of whom are grappling with fear, doubt, anxiety, grief, and loneliness.

Even a small donation will help us continue reaching and supporting the people of North Africa and the Middle East.

Open and Willing

On Facebook, we posted a number of short drama videos about who God is and what He says about Himself. We observed that people were much more open and willing to discuss their thoughts, not only with us but amongst themselves. It was wonderful to see our followers attempting to answer each other’s questions.

‘Would God create us with sinful souls that love to sin?’ asked one participant in a discussion that generated more than 300 comments and resulted in a private conversation taking place. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to stir the hearts of these particular men and women.

A Light for the Nations

This Ramadan, we were thrilled to hear from Farid* in Algeria, who writes:

Jesus appeared to me in a dream. He was very beautiful. He pulled me close to Him and told me to seek after Him.

He told me that I will find Him, and that soon I will be a light for the nations.

We’ll be sharing more of Farid’s story very soon on our Facebook page so look out for it!

A Safe Place

There remains much fear throughout the Arab world, but we are glad that people are confiding with our team. They want to know God, have faith, be able to pray, and have something firm to stand on.

For some, we are the only place where they can safely be themselves, feel heard, and share their hurts and worries. The loving response they encounter is life-changing, and many go on to profess faith in Christ.

Making A Difference

The Lord is taking more people on a journey of discipleship, and Miracle Connect’s supporters play a significant role. Prayers and financial gifts are absolutely vital as we produce programs and content to point the way to a relationship with Christ.

Please consider partnering with us so we can continue supporting those who need to know God’s love and mercy. Together, we can make a difference.

* Name changed for security







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