Enhancing Marriages

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July 30, 2019
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September 12, 2019

Enhancing Marriages

Over the years, we’ve learned that walking alongside a person on their life journey is vitally important. We address real-life issues and we care for the whole person, emotionally and spiritually.

Our programs have been developed to offer understanding and advice on some of the common struggles all of us face during our lifetime. They are also a doorway to learning more about the One who has numbered the hairs on our heads (Matthew 10:30).

‘Give honor to marriage…’ (Hebrews 13:4a, NLT)

Enhancing Marriages

The enemy hates marriage because it’s something God loves.

Divorce rates are high throughout the Arab region, but people are genuinely looking for hope in their marriages and are, therefore, eager to listen to the advice of those with more wisdom and experience.

We produced and streamed videos to help newlywed couples as they set out on the often-challenging adventure of marriage.

A married couple host the program and discuss some of the challenges they’ve personally encountered. They address personality differences and the everyday challenges that all married couples face. Topics covered include: the language of love, building trust, putting your partner first, expectations, and the value of differing personalities.

Trained counsellors help the presenters come up with practical solutions, and viewers are offered personal support from our follow-up team.

The biblical values and practical advice shared during this program have encouraged many individuals to make contact with our team and consequently hear about the love and hope that Jesus Christ offers to all.


335,000 messages, emails and calls were received
by our follow-up team between January and July 2019.


A Different Perspective

I always had feelings of guilt and would dwell on each of my past mistakes. I tried to look to the future and make plans, but they fell apart and I would have to start all over again.

Then I contacted the Miracle Connect team and learned about God’s goodness. I realized He wants me to move forward and overcome the negative feelings I’ve held onto. I have seen how much He loves me and have accepted Jesus as my Saviour. I see things from a different perspective.



Jad is one of the 174 individuals who have given their lives to Jesus in 2019.



Investing in our Team

We take every opportunity to let our audience know that we want to hear from them, and this results in thousands of messages, emails and phone calls each month from people who need to know that God cares for them personally.

Our follow-up team has received extensive training to enable them to counsel people who are grappling with serious issues. We have invested in our team so that we can invest in the lives of those we love. 

We praise God for the 51,000 people who have heard the gospel and now know that they matter to the Father.


The feedback we receive from those who contact our team shows that God
is present in our programs, posts and conversations.
The result is that many people have now accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour.


Precious and Loved by God

Life was so hard that I wanted to commit suicide in order to escape. I did not get on with my parents and none of my friends seemed to care. All the joy was gone from my life and I felt desperate. Then I contacted Miracle Connect. I realized that there is hope for my life. I am precious and loved by God.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Now, whenever I feel weak I trust in God. He has given me new life and I now try to help others.



Audience Engagement: January – July 2019

Top countries: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya.

Thank you for your Prayers and Partnership

Our work is an expression of the love we have for our viewers, listeners and followers. A love that comes from our Creator and King.

Miracle Connect broadcasts life-giving and life-changing programs each month. Please join us in taking Jesus Christ to the Arabic-speaking world. 

It costs approximately $23 per hour to stream our programs; your donation would help us cover this cost.

Thank you for being an important part of Miracle Connect.

Many blessings,

The Miracle Connect team


Every day viewers contact us with questions about Jesus and the Bible.
By supporting us with a donation today, you are bringing the gospel to this region.

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