Discipleship: Our Top Priority

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June 11, 2020
The Journey of a New Believer
July 8, 2020

Discipleship: Our Top Priority

Discipleship is our top priority at Miracle Connect. In our latest video, meet some members of our team and hear of our passion for discipling men and women in North Africa and the Middle East…

‘We listen well to people and we care for them. We help them and present them with God’s love through His Word,’ shares Boules, a member of our follow up team.

Crazy About Jesus

I am so happy and crazy about Jesus. I want to know everything about Him.

(Nour*, North Africa)



A donation of $20 or more will help us continue discipling Arabic-speaking men and women.


The Years that Count

Discipleship begins when a person starts to recognize that Jesus is the only way to salvation. It’s a period of growth that continues for most, if not all, of a person’s life. But, just with a child, it’s the early years that really count.

A child needs to learn many basic things in their first few years of life: to eat solid food, fall asleep on their own, crawl, walk, talk, and much more. When parents neglect any of these areas, there can be significant setbacks later on.

The same applies to a seeker or new believer: they need to know the basics of the Christian faith as well as how to pray and how to read their Bible. Without this knowledge, their faith will be unable to stand the test of time.





The Beginning

At Miracle Connect, discipleship usually begins when the contact is asking significant questions.

In an Arab world context, the obstacles to faith can be very different to those of a Western setting. The idea that God can die, be born of a woman, is one but also three: these are difficult concepts to grasp, and take time to work through.

Our team helps people find the answers to their questions by teaching them to read the Bible and apply Scripture to their own situation.


Who and Where?

We have discipled hundreds of men and women from most countries of the Arab world. Right now, many of our contacts are 17-20 years old. Most are based in Algeria, Morocco, Libya, and Egypt.

So far this year, we have had ongoing discipleship with 217 individuals!


180 Degrees

You transformed my mind. You are giving me a new mind to think with. It is 180 degrees in the other direction.

(Amina*, North Africa)

You Are Important

If you have already been partnering with us through prayer or financial giving, please know that you have made it possible for women and their families to find joy and freedom in Christ. Thank you!

If you want to get involved, make a donation here.

* Names changed to protect identities

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