Jihadist came to Jesus

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April 18, 2019
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June 4, 2019

Jihadist came to Jesus

On Easter Sunday the world witnessed the grief and devastation of a terror attack in Sri Lanka. The same Sunday, 2000 years ago, a similar attack on Jesus failed as He rose again and  made his love and grace accessible to all who believe.  Miracle Connect experiences the power of the cross every day through its ministry in the Middle East and North Africa. Broken and messed up lives are resurrected and healed  by the power of the cross. Through the years we have even heard from former terrorists and radicalized families in this region who had their lives transformed after exposure to the gospel through our television programs. No heart is too hard for Jesus to love – or melt.

Here are a few excerts from some of our powerful testimonies:
Extrimist came to Jesus:

“I grew up in a radicalized family that are strong ISIS supporters. If they knew I contacted you, they would kill me.  I came across your TV-programs, and now I have accepted Christ as my Savior. I no longer believe the message ISIS is telling us. Jesus is the answer, and we must respond in love to our enemies. Please pray for my protection and that I can escape to a safer place.”

From North Africa:
“I come from an Algerian family. After the tragic death of one of my family members, we became very religious, and  I adopted the Jihadi’s ideology.  I became known for my zeal. I started proselytizing among other students, spreading a radicalized message.   Then I accidentally heard the gospel on your Christian channel. I was secretly attracted to your message and kept tuning in when nobody could see me.  Now I am want to follow Christ.”

From Yemen: 
I would like to understand what the Christians believe because I know it is a religion of peace.

Saudi Arabia:
“I feel troubled as I never had a chance to choose my religion. Christianity is forgiveness and grace. Jesus said that if someone hits you on one cheek, you turn the other. Please pray for me. I want Jesus in my life.”

Former Jihadist:
“My family is known for their terrorist activities, and the whole village fears us. I am known as a jihadist in my home country. But I started doubting my doctrine. Today I am a secret follower of Jesus. My deepest desire is to live in a place where I am free to share my story so others can understand that they have been deceived and can come to the true faith. I  will be killed if I shared my faith where I now live. Please pray that I will find work somewhere else and that I can serve the Lord. God  bless you in your work.”

Let us pray for the people of Sri Lanka and the Arab world alike to experience God’s resurrection power in such a way that His healing love and great compassion will be the story that now unfolds. 

Thank you for your prayers and gifts.  It’s support from partners like you that make our ministry possible.  May God bless you.

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