Healthy Relationships

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January 17, 2020
Connect & Pray: Thriving Marriages
February 23, 2020

Healthy Relationships

Miracle Connect desires to see Arab women living in healthy, loving relationships. Our Splendid Marriage podcast addresses relational issues such as conflict, disappointment, unmet expectations and personality clashes, within the setting of marriage.

Praise God that lots of marriages have been strengthened since the program’s launch. Many have also heard the Gospel and had an opportunity to accept God’s wonderful gift of salvation.


Dating in the Arab World

In our last email, we shared the story of Zara* who is one of millions of young Arab women desperate to find ‘the one’.

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Did you know that dating is big business in the Arab world? There are hundreds of apps and websites for Muslims and Christians to choose from.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for women to find themselves in precarious situations.

Rejection to Redemption

Kenza’s* story begins with rejection. She writes:

I was in a relationship that resulted in the birth of a baby girl. I was unmarried and the father refused to recognize his daughter, so she was considered illegitimate in my religious community.

I felt utterly rejected. I hated life and even tried to kill myself. I returned to live with my family, but they were unwelcoming to me and my daughter. I never felt loved.

When I tried to begin new relationships, the men would discover my past and their attitude towards me would change.

I wondered how long I would have to pay for my mistake. Would I ever find forgiveness? I hated religion because it only brought me condemnation.

Then I then asked for support from Miracle Connect. They helped me to understand God’s love, which is for sinners. This was what I was missing and looking for!

I realized I wanted to be in a true relationship with this loving God, so I accepted His love, forgiveness and redemption. I am getting to know Him more and more each day.

Acceptance and Hope

Through Miracle Connect’s ministry, Arab women like Kenza are finding acceptance and hope. They are discovering that God’s love is what they need most of all.

We praise God that we were able to connect personally with almost 84,000 people in 2019, and that 20,000 of these individuals received counselling for life issues.

Last year, 277 people gave their life to Christ and 207 began online discipleship. Thank you for the part you played in making this possible.

*Names changed to protect individuals.


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