Disciple Making

February 27, 2019
Happy Easter from Miracle connect
April 18, 2019

Disciple Making

20 years ago, the challenge in the Arab world was how to spread the gospel.  Today the challenge is how to disciple the new believers.

When Miracle Connect started airing its programs 21 years ago, the big question in the Arab world was how to get the gospel to closed nations. New technology, the internet and media has largely solved this challenge.  Now the question is how to disciple the new believers that are coming to Christ. Miracle Connect has a two-way approach. One is to train new believers on the ground, who in turn can disciple others. The other is to make discipleship tools available through our satellite broadcasts and online. In this manner we can now disciple first generation believers across the Middle East, The Gulf Countries and North Africa.

One of our viewers wrote:

“I would like to grow spiritually. Can you please send me a bible study once or twice a week. I want to grow in my faith, I want to experience God’s love and blessings.”


Every day viewers contact us with questions about Jesus and the Bible.
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