A Good Life

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A Good Life

Thank you so much for enabling us to connect Arabic-speaking people to Jesus!

When you invest your prayers and finances in our ministry, do you know that you are engaging in the transformational work of God in people’s lives?

Meet Zara who follows Jesus because of you.

A Broken Family

Zara* is a young Algerian woman who lives with her parents in an incredibly difficult situation.

Her father drinks heavily, which makes him abusive and violent towards both her and her mother.

Zara’s father has been this way since she was a young child. The smallest thing can set him off, so she is in an almost constant state of tension and fear. Understandably, her mother is deeply traumatized.

There is no escape for Zara because she isn’t allowed to leave her family home, but she can secretly log into Facebook.

Looking for Love

Zara first visited Facebook searching for love. She wanted to be in a relationship. When nothing came of her search for love, she began to wish she would die.

Every day, Zara hoped that death would come and take away her pain, even though as a Muslim she expected hell would be her reward.

Zara believed her suffering came from God, whom she thought was harsh, unloving and unknowable. She had no reason to look for anything good from him.

However, when she came across our Facebook page and contacted a member of our team, this all began to change!

Immediate Peace

Zara felt immediate peace when she talked with our team. They told her that God is a good Father, all-loving, kind, righteous and merciful.

She heard of God’s salvation and everlasting love, and learned that He wants to give her a good life, beginning with a relationship with Him.

Zara accepted Jesus as her Savior! She thanks God for allowing her to know Him, and she says things are beginning to improve at home.

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Zara’s situation is not uncommon for women in the Arab world. Please take time to pray for others who are at the mercy of abusive family members. Pray that they would be able to find help and support, as well as an opportunity to know the love of God through Jesus.

Through your generous prayers and financial gifts, Zara learned that God loves and cares for her, and she has strength and peace to make it through each day.


Please consider making a donation to invest in the lives of Arabic speaking Muslims.


*Name changed to protect identity.

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