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Miracle Connect is an Arabic media ministry compassionately communicating the story of Christ to Arabic-speaking people in the Middle East and North Africa.
Time after time we see how the love and power of Christ continues to transform lives in this region. 
Read on to learn more about our ministry and how you can help changes lives in the Arab world

Latest News and blogs

October 10, 2017

Teaching God-skills in relationships

A new TV- series on Miracle Connect this season highlights the importance of God-centered relationships. The program starts by asking a simple question: Do you get […]
August 31, 2017

Celebrating 20 years with new believers every day!

After 20 years on air, Miracle Connect hears from Arab television viewers who are coming to faith in Christ every single day. “I’m so eager to […]
June 17, 2017

Terrified women calling for prayer from Syria

Syrian women are reaching out for prayer in the middle of horrific war tragedies. Describing the horrors of war and her constant feeling of crippling fear […]
April 20, 2017

Pioneering house churches over WhatsApp

As possibly one of the first in the world, Miracle Connect is now planting house churches over one of the most used apps in the Arab […]

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